Please carefully review the information in this email regarding the upcoming TWU Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog edit process.

On March 24th, the TWU online catalog management system (CAT) will open for your 2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog edits!  Deadline for approval of all pages is April 30, 2016. This is a firm deadline in order to have the catalogs ready for release by TWU’s scheduled orientations later this spring.

The TWU CAT system takes the TWU catalog and update process online, consolidating efforts into an easy, browser based solution. Additionally, the approval of edits is automated with integrated online workflows and notifications.

Notification of Catalog Pages Awaiting Edits/Approval

To facilitate ease of the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs edit/approval process, individuals in workflow responsible for edits or approving edits will receive an email notification when a page is ready for their edits/approval.  The email will contain a link which will take the responsible individual to a central console known as the Pages Pending Approval window, where all the pages currently awaiting their edits/approval will be displayed.

Training & Open Labs

We will be holding a series of training/refresher classes and open labs during the week of April 3-7.  Seating is limited, so please sign up to ensure a space by visiting: catalog editors MUST complete a training class before their catalog pages will be released for edits.  Those who wish to take a refresher training class are welcome to sign up as well.  Administrators who are approving catalog content may arrange one-on-one training with Scott Martin (contact info below).

Online Guide to the Catalog System:

We have created a TWU Online Catalogs System Guide to provide the most current support information and assist in answering questions regarding the edit and approval process.  This is not a substitute or replacement for the required training.  The online guide is frequently updated, but please reach out to Scott Martin with technical support questions if something is unclear or incomplete.

Undergraduate Degree Plan Pages

Be advised that we have restructured each undergraduate degree plan page in the catalog to include two tabs.  Please do not forget that you must review and make changes to all Tabs on a page prior to sending a page further up workflow.  The “Overview” tab covers information which used to be found on the traditional “Side-by-Side” degree plans submitted to Undergraduate Studies.  Undergraduate Studies may have added any missing information to this “Overview” tab.  The “Plan of Study” tab now contains the 4-year recommended sequence of courses to complete the degree plan.  You may note significant red and green markup on these pages and tabs due to the additions, restructuring, and reformatting.  Remember that you can see changes made by each level in the workflow by changing the View Changes By or review the page in its final state by selecting Hide/Show Changes.

Changes to Degree Plans

Any substantive change to a degree plan must have been previously approved by Undergraduate Studies or the Graduate School.  We strongly encourage you to contact the appropriate content manager below if you have questions regarding proposed changes to degree plans.

The Inclusion of Pictures

As part of our ongoing directive to improve and make our catalog more engaging, we are now working with Marketing on the inclusion of images in the catalog.  Marketing will select images from the TWU image archives, if appropriate images are available.  As we sometimes have limited pictures related to a division, we encourage divisions to submit pictures.  To submit a picture for consideration, please follow the picture guidelines.

Things to Remember

  1. Please use either a Firefox or Chrome browser to log into the system and make edits or approve changes. Contact the Service Desk at x81-3971 If you need Firefox or Chrome installed on your TWU computer.
  2. The organization and formatting of the catalogs have been uniformly developed. Please do not change the formatting already present in headers or on the pages.  If you think a formatting change is needed, please contact the appropriate content support staff below.
  3. The catalogs are the location that much of our official information for students is centralized. Please make sure that all information your division is responsible for is current and accurate.  As part of the migration to the new T4 web platform, some information previously housed on individual TWU webpages has been (or will be) removed, and students redirected to the catalog with links.  If your webpages have not been migrated yet and you have questions regarding content, please contact the appropriate content contact below.
  4. The catalog is a digital environment. Therefore, you are no longer limited due to space allotment or printing costs.  Please provide comprehensive information in the catalogs as needed.
  5. Don’t forget to make changes or review all Tabs on a catalog page before sending the page through workflow.
  6. Course descriptions are inserted into the catalog directly from our Student Information System. All course information changes must be approved by the Curriculum Committee or OSAP.  Please double-check all course information in the “Courses” tab on your main program catalog page (if applicable) and notify Scott Martin with any course information that needs to be corrected.
  7. Faculty information is entered manually by OSAP. Please check all faculty information on the “Faculty” tab on your main program catalog page (if applicable) and notify Scott Martin with any faculty information that needs to be changed. He will review the faculty member’s official credentials and make the necessary corrections.


Should you have questions about the catalogs, please contact:

Technical Support
(system, workflow, & tools)
Undergraduate Catalog
Graduate Catalog
Scott Martin
Academic Affairs Specialist
(940) 898-3508
Rachelle Land
Director, Transfer & Compliance
(940) 898-3309
Dr. Ruth Johnson
Associate Dean of the Graduate School
(940) 898-3410


We thank you for your thoughtful input into the catalogs which support our students, faculty, and administration!