Faculty Information

Faculty information noted in the Faculty Tabs of Academic Components and in the Faculty Page at the end of the Catalogs is entered into the CourseLeaf system by the system administrators.

Note that only full and part time faculty who have signed a contract with the university as of the catalog deadline date will be included in the lists.

Additionally, only those faculty who’s promotions have been officially approved by the Board of Regents will be adjusted.

All departmental faculty should appear in the faculty tabs of the Undergraduate Catalog.  Only those faculty who have completed and been approved for graduate faculty status will appear in the Graduate Catalog faculty tabs.  A list of approved graduate faculty can be found on the Graduate School’s website.

Please carefully review the faculty information and email Scott Martin at smartin4@twu.edu with:

  • Information on missing new faculty within your Academic Component to include:
    1. Full Name,
    2. Academic Component,
    3. Rank/Title,
    4. Degrees held and universities received from, and
    5. If the faculty holds approved Graduate Faculty status.
  • Names of faculty no longer with TWU.
  • Any errors in the information of current faulty.