Getting Started

How you will be notified of catalog pages awaiting your edits and approval

To facilitate ease of the TWU Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs edit/approval process, individuals in workflow will receive an email notification when a page is ready for their edits/approval.  The email will contain a link which will take the individual responsible in workflow to an online central console known as the “Page Pending Approval” window where all the catalog pages currently awaiting their edits/approval will be displayed.

Which browser to utilize for editing and approving catalog pages

Please make sure to utilize the Firefox browser when making all edits and approving edits!

The Firefox browser may not be your default browser, so please cut and paste the links in the emails you received from the ‘TWU Catalog System’ into the Firefox browser navigation field to access the online catalog system.

If the Firefox browser is not yet installed on your computer, please contact the Service Desk at 81-3971, email at, or visit the website and click on the ‘Service Desk Chat’ button to launch the chat tool and speak directly to an agent and request the Firefox browser be installed on your office computer.

If you are making edits or approving edits off-campus and away from your office computer, you can download and install the Firefox browser on your personal computer by visiting

Logging into the online system

Log in using your TWU email ID (without the and email password.