(13) Actions after reviewing the page

Pages Pending Approval Diagram

# 13 – One of four actions may be taken after reviewing the page

Edit: Click Edit to make changes to the page. This will produce a tool bar at the top of the Page Review window. Click the pencil icons for the Page Body (#13a ) or Tabs (#13a ) to make edits to that section of the page.  A window will pop up with the page content and standard Word-like tools for editing.  Hover over any of the buttons in the edit window, and a small indicator will appear letting you know the function of the button. There is also a Help Icon at the top of the Edit window which will take you to additional support documentation for all the tools available in the Edit window. After editing the Page Body content and all the Tabs content (if any), approve the page to send it to the next step in the workflow.

Note:  The page title, headers, and tabs have all been pre-set for consistency.  Should you wish to discuss altering the title, headers, or tabs, please contact Scott Martin at smartin4@twu.edu or (940) 898-3508.

Roll Back: Click Roll Back to send the page back to a previous editor. A new window prompt will appear asking you to whom in the workflow you wish to roll back, with a place to make comments about why the page is being rolled back. Please be clear and concise in the reasons you are sending the page back for additional edits; then click Rollback in the new window.

Approve: Click Approve once you have made your edits (if any) to send the page on to the next step in the workflow.

Leave the page for another time: The page may be left for another time. Select another page to review, or click Logout (#15).