The Inclusion of Pictures
As part of our ongoing directive to improve and make our catalog more engaging, we are now working with marketing on the inclusion of images in the catalog.  Marketing will select images from the TWU image archives if appropriate images are available.  As we sometimes have limited pictures related to a division, we encourage divisions to submit pictures.

If you wish to submit a picture for possible inclusion consideration, please follow the following picture guidelines:

  1. Send the picture in the best quality possible.
  2. Be sure the photo sent in is representative of the correct office/program and is of a individual that reflects the correct area (i.e. an undergrad student in undergrad program or a graduate student in a grad program).  Errors of this nature can have a negative impact on a student’s experience and the University:
  3. All individuals in a photograph must sign a “Photo Release Form” found at:
  4. When framing a photo, remember that the photos will be cropped by the catalog administrators to a banner dimension.  Do not take a closeup photo as the image may not be able to be cropped properly.
  5. The approving administrator of the catalog page must send each photo and the scanned “Photo Release Form” in an email to  Make sure to note the page of the catalog you wish the photo to be considered for in the body of the email.
  6. Note that all images included must be approved by marketing prior to inclusion in the catalogs.

Original ImageFasion-Textiles

Cropped Image: