The tables in the catalog have been created for you and pre-set for consistency.  If you need to add a table in another location in the catalogs, please contact Scott Martin at or (940) 898-3508.

To simplify table management, CourseLeaf pre-determines how particular sets of data should be output on the page, and allows the editor to simply enter and arrange the data. This process ensures that the desired output is achieved while maintaining the integrity of the data.

To edit the content in a table, select Edit (#13) to make changes to the page, a tool bar at the top of the Page Review window will appear. Click the pencil icons for the Page Body (#13a ) or Tabs (#13a ) where the table is located to make edits to that section of the page.  A window will pop up with the page content and standard Word-like tools for editing.

When a formatted table has been inserted, the page body editor will display a blue border around the content. To edit the contents of this table, simply double click within the blue border. There are two primary types of tables are Course Lists and Plan of Study Grids.

Course Lists – primarily used to display Program of Study requirements, and do not require the arrangement by a year or term.

Plan of Study Grids – used to articulate a SUGGESTED sequence of required courses by year and semester.