Course Lists

Courses in a Course List are linked back to data exported from Datatel/Colleague order to provide immediate access to course information. A course list provides information in a pre-formatted table structure and is different from a Plan of Study Grid in that it does not require the selection of a year or term. Course lists are primarily used to display Program of Study requirements.

Course List Console

Course List Console Fields

The fields within the Course List table allow editors to assign specific information to individual courses.

  1. Comment– A comment will be displayed in parentheses after the course title.
  2. Sequence– Sequence will display two courses with an ampersand (&) indicating that these two courses must be taken in conjunction with each other.
  3. Cross Reference–  A cross reference course describes a course that is the same course content offered under different course numbers (Cross-listed).
  4. Hours– The Hours field is automatically populated with the semester credit hours assigned to the course in our student information system.  Note that if the hours do not match the data in Colleage/Datatel, there will be a red box around the hours in the table.  This may occur if the course is to be taken more than once and is noted so in the Comments (#1).
  5. Or Class– This will display two courses with the word “or” indicating that either course may be taken to meet the requirement.
  6. Footnote– TWU WILL NOT be utilizing the footnote feature to maintain consistency throughout the catalog.
  7. Indent – This option indents a course in the table. Indented courses indicate that a course falls within the Area Header (#8) above it. Note that if indented, the hours for a course are not listed in the table or included in the sum for the table if the Sum Hours option is selected.
  8. Area Header – This option turns the Comment (#1) field into a header for a subsection within the table. This can be utilized for two primary purposes:
    • to create a new section of the table which calls attention to a new theme for information following the Area Header, or
    • to indicate to a student they are to select from a series of courses noted below it. If this is the purpose of the Area Header, include the hours required in the Hours (#4) field and make sure the courses listed under have the Indent (#7) option selected.