Plan of Study Grids

A Plan of Study Grid is a type of table within CourseLeaf used to articulate a SUGGESTED sequence of required courses. Courses in a Plan of Study Grid are linked back to data exported from Datatel/Colleague in order to provide immediate access to course information. A Plan of Study Grid provides information in a pre-formatted table structure and is different from a Course List in that it articulates course sequencing.

The main difference in setting up a Plan of Study Grid compared to a Course List is:  the Plan of Study Grid window provides a Year and Term option which groups courses in the sequence (see green arrow below).  As a suggested sequence of required courses, the options for Area Headers and Cross Reference courses are unavailable.  The Plan of Study Grid auto sums the semester credit hours for all courses within each semester subsection automatically, and places a total at the bottom of the table.

Plan of Study Grid Console